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October 13, 2007 


 Hot Pot "Ma La"(馬辣) in Gongguan(公館)< How to get there? Click here

I invited one of my friend to have the "Hot Pot"  in Gongguan.

We decided to go "Ma La" in Tingjhou Rd, Taipei.

There are so many hot pot restaurants on that street.

My friend make a phone call to that restaurant early today,

but the answer of our reservation is unsuccessful.

The staff told us there is no seat for tonight, if we insist to come,

we have to wait until there is a seat available.

Since we were doing some business there in Gongguan,

it will not that uncomvient to wait around that area.

So we decided to go there a little bit earlier to get online.

Just around 7:00 p.m. , they called us that there is seats available,

we rushed there with pleasure.


We ordered the "Dual Hot Pot", as you can see,

there is a separation inside the hot pot.

People can choose two different soups for the meal.

We chose one spicy one which they recommended, 

and the collagan one which good for the skin.

The collagan soup is really fit, and the spicy one is not that spicy,

it will be a wonderful choice for almost everyone.

This is an all-you-can-eat restaurant,

so there are so many differant choices for you to take.

Beside the meat, you can get everything you want on the shelf.

You have to order the meats, and they will bring them ASAP for you.

It costs NTD399+10% for weekend, it's about $12 US dollar.

I guess I will be fatter tomorrow@@, but that is worthful. Hehehe~~~ 


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