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October 10th, 2007


Today is October 10th, Birthday of our country, Republic of China, or you can call her
"Taiwan". Happy birthday to R.O.C.~

I was woke up by a huge noise from "The Sky". That's right~ Five minitary jets flew across
Taipei County and also passed by our house, they make a strange sound which became the
major cause to wake me up. @@

Opened up my TV, there is a big celebration in front of the presidencial palace, but
seldem people joined the party. Hehehe~ "U know who" deserved it!!!

It was almost 12 o'clock, me and my mom decided to go to one roadside stand to have our
lunch, the stand sales "魷魚焿" near "Cardial Tien Hospita Yung Ho Branch"
(耕莘醫院永和分院). After having a great meal, we decided to stroll around
the "Korean's Street" (永和的韓國街 / 專賣日韓商品).

After a while, we were so tired and thirty, and wanted to find a place to rest. I saw a new
face on the Yung Ho Road, an Amercian Donuts Coffee Place there and that would be a great
place for us. "Dunkin' Donuts", I once buy one in the state, cant remember where I ate
but I 'm sure I saw the store before.

Unlike "Mr. Donuts" , you have to get what you want by yourself. There are so many
choices on the shalf. There is a special order today. You can buy 5 to get 1 free or buy 9
to get 3 free. What a great deal?! There price here is between NTD25 to 30 and they serve
Sandwiches & Bagels as well. If you go there on the Tea Time, you can have one piece of
cake and a cup of coffee by costing you only NTD 80. I picked 2 donuts, a Mocha Mochi
Rings and a black one cant remember the name of it, and one large Mocha Swirl Latte.
We went up stairs to find a seat. The store is sweet and the donuts is great.
It was exactly the same taste I ate in the State. I 'm sure I will back there
pretty soon to buy a lot of donuts to share with my family and my friends.  

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